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3 Hacks to Make a Marketing Video & No Time to Execute

The advantages to outsourcing your marketing video project that your boss was so sweet to slap on your desk on top of the mountain of work you already have!


How can I get this video project to look like Marvel with doing as little work on it as possible!

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When was the last time you were buried up to your neck in work and your boss comes up to you and said “since you don’t have anything to do, we need you to make this marketing video for the company”? It happens more often than you think. You’re not the only one. But how do you make a killer marketing video that your bosses will praise you for when you don’t have the time and you don’t even know where to begin?! Cue the anxiety attack.

Hack number one

Google for a video production company in your area. Now the key thing you’re looking for is when you’re interviewing these producers on the phone, find the one that understands and actually walks you through their process. What’s the ABCs  of the production process so you get a clear understanding of what to expect. You should practically visualize the entire video while you’re talking to him/her on the phone.
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Photo by Sam McGhee

Hack number two

Once you get past hack number one, which sometimes is a feat in and of itself, next is about getting the right price. How are you going to pull all this and then tell your boss “oh by the way it cost $10,000!” You were supposed to do it on your own. Shop around. There are plenty of video production companies that don’t have to bring 17 people to a shoot.  Sometimes these projects require nothing more than one person and there is your drop in price without sacrificing value.
Hack number three
This one requires a little legwork on your end. You got to check his/her references! Call around and make sure that the customers he/she have recently worked with are satisfied. How do you do that? Take a look at some of his work online and maybe some of his client’s logos that maybe listed as well. Call and ask him “are you happy with their work?” “Was it a good process?” “…would you hire him again”?
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Three easy steps; call the video production company and interview the producer. Will they be responsible and accountable? After you pick the one you want make sure he/she brings value and quality so this doesn’t go over budget. Finally, check their references. You wanna make sure that their work is as good as their word.
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