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McLean Corporate Video | Serving Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos are your 24/7 warm referrals that rave about your services to your potential customers!

Client Testimonial Services

Use your client testimonial videos to create the foundation for a message that inspires. Your customers are storytellers too – and the client testimonial video are the most effective tool for your brand advocates to rave about your brand’s reputation. Think of it as your 24/7 warm referral. Anytime a potential customer views your site they’ll hear how your solved some issues with exceptional solutions. Our client testimonial services style is simplified.  We take the stress out of the equation by guiding you through our time-proven process and make it relaxing and enjoyable. This in turn allows you and your customer to create an authentic, honest and compelling client testimonial that speaks to your target audience. 


When doe Client Testimonial Videos come in Handy?


When customers engage with your brand, the client testimonial video serves as a supplementary tool of reassurance and assistance, answering any potential lingering questions and solidifying the relationship. The video is a strong tie between the decision and retention stages of the sales funnel process. In 2021, 92% of marketers reported that video is a priority within their client’s marketing strategy. In 2015 it was just  78%, does your site have a testimonial video?


Where is it most effective?


Furthermore, client testimonial videos work best where current and potential customers are already interacting with your brand – on your company’s website or through email marketing campaigns and social media portals like YoutubeLinkedIn or Instagram. But just making 1 video so you can check off the box thinking it will last you for umteen years isn’t realistic or effective over time.


How to measure its success.

Finally, it’s distribution and sharing. see the videos as your 24/7 salespeople, The mission is to always be sharing clear, consistent messages that answer questions your customer’s have. Satisfying those inquiries increases the potential of transforming a “shopper” into a “client”. The exponential returns are limitless. You couple a handful of customer testimonial videos with Google reviews and you get an A+ from the SEO team at Google!
What’s next?  Get in touch with McLean Corporate Video and tell us your ideas!  We’ll make them happen!

Making a cost-effective customer testimonial video is fast … easy … and won’t demand much time. Here’s how:


*1 – Script
Confirm your ideas, business goals, required runtime and pay your deposit. McLean Video Services will research your website, develop the script with your input, and then move forward when the script is approved by you.

*  2 – Creative style
Together we’ll discuss and choose the personality and approach you want in your video. You provide your logo, font & colors so the video matches your brand style.
* 3 – Graphics and Animation
We align the graphics and colors to your brand. Create an animated open with your logo to open the video.
*  4 – Editing Video and Sound
McLean Corporate Video creates your customer testimonial video, complete with music and sound. It is then submitted to you for approval. After your review, minor visual changes can be made.
*  5 – Viewings, Delivery & Distribution
Once the balance due is paid, you’ll take delivery of the final-approved video as a 1080 HD mp4 video file. As a long-established customer testimonial video company, we also offer coaching, advice, video strategy planning, and SEO guidance.
That’s it. That’s how your cost-effective customer testimonial video is made. Fast, simple, and easy on your time.

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