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McLean Corporate Video | Serving Northern Virginia & Washington DC

Corporate Videos: 2022 in Review

Corporate videos have been making a surge every year in online dominance since 2008

86% of businesses rely on video as a marketing tool (wyzowl)

If you don’t have a marketing video on your site, you are the minority.

This means that only 14% of businesses are not using video this could mean because their video has sustained their business has sustained high margins but using more traditional marketing approaches which is very possible leading that maybe most companies today or on the bandwagon
93% of marketers include Video in their campaigns

Those numbers are outstanding in 2022 could we have actually reached an excellent average of companies finally on board with Video as a form to increase her or away? This is very promising.

95% of a message is retained by the user and conveyed over video (insivia)

This is pretty simple science video contains sight sound in motion three crucial elements that speaks directly to how the brain processes information.

It’s not a hit on text not in the slightest but if you’re looking for your ROI where to get your potential customers attention in the quickest possible manner this is the way to go.
Explain to Video still either way with 73% of the videos recorded followed by social media videos at 67% and presentations at 51% sales videos are still down 41%. Wyzowl basically this leaves a door open for companies to include video in their strategy sometimes is budget and sometimes it’s not having clear direction from the marketing department. Regardless of the size of where to put the emphasis first in the space of search engine atomization were algorithms are now changing yearly. Google makes it daunting to know where exactly to start if that’s where you have to put your faith in analytics and begin somewhere.
Mobile video stats 70% of YouTube videos were watched on a mobile device. This means they are 1.5 times more likely to watch your video on their cell phone and they are desktop. Key things to consider when looking at your video marketing strategy.
Viewer usually spend an average of 40 minutes a day watching a video on YouTube on their phone.
Here’s some video stats do the breakdown by age group
18-34              105 minutes
35–40            79 minutes
50–60            48 minutes
65 and over  24 minutes