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McLean Corporate Video | Serving Northern Virginia & Washington DC

How much should you pay for 2 minute video

How much should you pay for a 2 minute video?

2 minute videos start around $1,500. For motion graphics videos / animated videos add an additional $550. The budget you’re working with determines the type of video you can expect. A modest budget of $1,000. or less will probably not get you what you are looking for. The standard fee in central Virginia has gone up since 2017. Though the cost of new cameras and other gear have gone down in price comparatively to the level of technology you’re receiving. So how much you should you pay for a 1-2 minute video? The question should be, How much revenue are you generating to put in 20% of those gross revenues towards marketing including video production? Another point to consider is each production company in town charge differently pending on the level of talent and and degree of work being asked. So, expect some companies to charge substantially more than others simply because of their overhead, which includes very talented skill sets that quite frankly don’t come cheap.

What’s best length of time for a video?

Many have asked how long should my video be? You can get the long version elsewhere but I’m gonna keep this short. The length of time for a video has continued to be a constant since the beginning of the Internet. If you have a loyal following that is evident in the amount of subscribers or even views then your videos can go as long as your analytics dictate. Reviewing your analytics will tell you how long people are watching. Studies have shown that the stronger the following the more they’re willing to watch so more than five minutes, sure, what do the analytics say. Now for those of you that are producing your first video keeping it under 90 seconds is best. If you can keep your message succinct in less than 60 that’s ideal.

When to go longer on the length of the video?

If you’re vlogging or beginning your series of videos, whether it’s a DIY or travel related, study suggest that your video should all be under two minutes while you are establishing your viewership. It’s imperative to have a basic knowledge of Google analytics so that you can check the viewing time and the amount of users you have per video. Whether you’re posting biweekly or monthly within a matter of months you’ll start getting feedback in the form of statistics that dictate if you can go longer on your videos. It’s been a long standing if you have viewers that watch at least 75% of your videos you can keep it at that same length and maybe just a few seconds longer. When you have a dominant amount like 90 to 100% then you can increase the limit. How much? That’s where you have to test out your content versus the interest of your viewers.

Whats the message or the point of the video?

This may seem too obvious but sometimes people miss the obvious. Your video content should be aligned with the interest of your intended viewers. Sometimes a producer may break character with content. They post thinking that their viewership has the dexterity to go from one subject matter to a totally different one. Very rarely does this work. Your niche viewers follow because there’s some thing special about your content or even the delivery of your content. When you surprise them and break character and do something totally different you will witness a major drop off on viewership. It is important to stay consistent if you want to grow your subscriber base and viewership.


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