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Video Services ... Simplified.


Carytown Burger & Fries - Richmond Corporate Video

Carytown Burgers Marketing Video

The Carytown Merchants Association teamed up with McLean Corporate Video to produce a series of marketing videos for the holidays. It’s a cornucopia of shoppes & restaurants showcasing their best as two stores’ spots were grouped into a 30 second commercial. This marketing video fr Carytown Burgers was a lot of fun incorporating a jib […]

ABG – Marketing Video

A marketing video is a great tool to show your clients, customers, and employees how humor can work in conveying urgency and reliability! We had a great time working with ABG’s marketing manager in capturing the essence and timing of orders gone wrong! So often people and priorities are mismatch and errors are made. A […]
ABG - McLean Corporate Video
CCAM Manufacturing Video by McLean Corporate Video

CCAM – Corporate Video

86% of businesses rely on corporate video as a marketing tool wyzowl. This means that only 14% of businesses are not using video. This could mean because their video has sustained their business has sustained high margins but using more traditional marketing approaches. It is very possible leading that maybe most companies today or on […]