Video Services ... Simplified.
Video Services ... Simplified.


QubicaAMF - Richmond Corporate Video

IES Communications Corporate Video

Creating this corporate video for IES Communications we worked with staff and management to record training sessions, work in – progress  and drone video services at corporate HQ and help guide the management team clearly and succinctly deliver their marketing video message. We began with scripting the project a month out to coordinate with work […]

OAR of Richmond – Corporate Video

When you need to promote community awareness of the great service your company offers the local denizens who are less fortunate, OAR incorporated it’s company culture into their marketing story to open the city’s eyes to the hard work and dedication this outfit put’s in every day! It was an education for our team as […]
OAR of Richmond
Wawa at Airport Road - Richmond Corporate Video

Wawa – Corporate Video

The Wawa on Airport Rd. in Richmond, VA recently underwent a renovation. They opened back up just in time for Free Coffee Day, and we captured it on film! The friendliness of the Wawa staff and the regular and not so regular customers. You really don’t see this with other chains. With Wawa’s corporate video, […]

The Dominion Club Marketing Video

The Dominion Club asked us to put together a marketing video that shows the fun and entertainment that comes with membership… the result is their new membership drive video! Through the course of 2 weeks we capture all the authentic moments the Club offers it members! Scenic views with drone video opens up the story […]
The Dominion Club - McLean Corporate Video
on camera presentation

Dry Clean Factory – Marketing Video

A marketing video is a great way to enhance your brand and stand out from the competition. For most small business owners, it can also seem intimidating and expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way. McLean Corporate Video is a production company that specializes in telling your brand’s story through the power of video. […]

Boulder Buddy – Marketing Video

A marketing video is a great vehicle to promote your new product!  More customers buy after watching a product video than products that don”t have a marketing video. The BOULDER BUDDY is the product you’ve been asking for! It’s the safe, smart and simple solution for moving large rocks and boulders. Perfect for landscapers and […]
Manufacturing Video production
Asado Tacos Video

Asado’s – Marketing Video

A marketing video conveys in seconds more than a 1000 words. More than 85% of online viewers look for a company’s marketing video before conforming a purchase. As every month goes by a company loses revenue by not making it easier to attract new and even current customers. Comcast needed a commercial with a quick […]

The Water Dog – Marketing Video

According to Optin Monster, 84% of people say they are convinced and purchase a product or service after watching the Companies’ marketing videos. In 2018, 62% of businesses use Video as a marketing in their marketing campaign as of 2021 that number is up to 86%. It didn’t take much for this college grad to […]
The Water Dog
The Yoga Source Video

Yoga Source – Videography Company

Any videography company will tell you 78% of people watching online video every week. HubSpot reports that 54% of consumers want to see more video contacts from the brand or business they already do business with. McLean Corporate Video is a videography company is all about the vibe with your video and making it clout. Tired […]

Amour Wine Bistro – Marketing Video

This is pretty simple science. Marketing video contains sight sound in motion three crucial elements that speaks directly to how the brain processes information. It’s not a hit on text not in the slightest. If you’re looking for your ROI where to get your potential customers attention in the quickest possible manner marketing video is […]
Amour Wine Bistro - Richmond Corporate Video
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